10 Sexiest Real-Robots Ever Made

Bangalore: The idea of a robot has long since been ingrained in pop culture, even before technology could reach the level of today’s advancement. With the progress in computing and artificial intelligence over the last few decades, we have literally witnessed the amazing capabilities of these humanoid robots that were once used to capture the audience through sci-fi movies and books. Researchers have made huge made huge progress in computer technology and information progress when it comes to robotic technology. As compiled by BI, we present to your 8 sexiest real-robots ever made till date.

10. The Ibn Sina Robot

Created by United Arab Emirates University, this is the first Arabic-speaking android-based robot that is based on a famous 11th century polymath named Ibn Sina. The Ibn Sina robot has been used as a major feature of the University's interactive theatre project, where it effectively uses hand gestures, facial recognition, and speech synthesis to interact with live audiences and people present online.

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