Kunwer Sachdev: The Solar Man of India

Kunwer Sachdev: The Solar Man of India

His entrepreneurial experience is extensive and diverse, from selling pens and stationery to working in the sales department to completely reimagining the Indian inverter market. One of our generation's greatest innovators, marketers, motivational speakers, and visionary business people is Kunwer Sachdeva, founder of Su-Kam Power Systems, India's leading power solutions provider.

Learning the ropes

Despite originating from a lower middle-class household, Sachdeva overcame his financial challenges to start his first business at 15. Being a visionary, Kunwer quickly predicted the expansion of the power backup market in India and decided to close his cable TV company in 1998 to launch Su-Kam Power Systems. Su-Kam, originally a startup, is now an Indian multinational corporation and is regarded as one of the 500 India Inc.'s fastest-growing companies. On November 16, 1962, Kunwer Sachdev was born into a middle-class family. He did schooling in a public school in Delhi's Punjabi Bagh. He was one of the three sons of an Indian Railways department officer. With Sachdev's help, his brother established a small business selling writing utensils. Sachdev earned his LLB from Delhi University after graduating from Hindu College with a degree in statistics.

He is in charge of Su-R&D Kam's department and the company's general business. The Indian power backup industry's first patent applications for technology and design, which Sachdeva made. Additionally, he has been recognized for creating the first plastic-body inverters, which India Today named "Innovation of the Decade." By incorporating cutting-edge technology like MOSFET, Microcontroller based, and DSP Sine Wave into inverters, Kunwer revolutionized the power backup sector. He also gave India a "Home UPS" device that incorporated an inverter and a UPS into a single piece of hardware. Kunwer challenged the entire industry to become an organized sector because, before Su-debut, Kam's inverter market was dominated by hundreds of local firms selling inferior products.

Walkabout Entreprenership

He was so passionate about generating green energy that he desired to do it throughout India. Ten years ago, it was predicted that solar energy technology would usher in a revolution. Their home-related solar technologies include Solar (home appliance converters to solar inverter) and Brainy (first Hybrid Solar Home UPS). He has also looked into solar devices, from modest home remote controls to significant companies. Additionally, he has made a significant contribution to the creation of Unique Solar DC Systems. After Kunwar's diligent work, Su-kam is able to capture the largest market share. The current objective of good work is to supply solar energy to each and every home in India.

Su-Kam currently produces over 250 products, including solar goods, UPSs, batteries, and specialised solar solutions. Su-Kam is a well-known "Make in India" brand with over 75,000 channel partners in numerous nations. The company's operations have already reached approximately 90 nations, thanks largely to Sachdev, who helped the corporation dominate the power markets in Asia and Africa.

The Journey so far

It would be the term used to describe the experience with Su-Kam. How often have I learned and unlearned management principles, interpersonal communication techniques, and life principles? It's more challenging to master unlearning than learning. You frequently become so firmly committed to your beliefs that you lose sight of reality. Entrepreneur Kunwer Sachdev, located in Gurugram, has been listed as one of 2017's 6th Huron's Most Respected Entrepreneurs.

He has won numerous honors as a result of industrialist, technology, and invention. It mostly consists of the "Bharat Shiromani" award given by the Indian government and the Ernst & Young "Best Industrialist of the Year" honor.  Kunwar Sachdev's biography, it is clear that talent alone may make a person successful without needing a degree as you know that despite being successful, Bill Gates and Facebook are former students of Mark Zuckerberg College.