Now You Can Earn More With These Money Making Ideas

BENGALURU: The economic landscape in the country is changing by the minute, throwing up opportunities for the next wannabe Ambanis, Tatas or Azim Premjis. You don’t have to be an MBA graduate to be an entrepreneur. It is all about having an idea along with the fortitude and the moral fiber to pull it off. Here is a list of some innovative investment ideas, compiled by, to give you an outline of the current business opportunities.

Earn with Pinterest

Pinterest is a photo sharing network, but rather than looking at it that way, you can consider it as your own personal bulletin board. A recent study showed that about 80 percent of the users in pinterest are females with 2.5 billion page views per month. If you have a product like home made cup cakes, or jewellery items, that you think is suitable for a specific target audience, you can create “boards” and mailing lists, intended to reach your customer. As the number of your followers grows, say a few thousand, marketers will approach you with offers.

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