5 Startups that Aims to Deliver a Cleantech India

BENGALURU: With the advent of technology, today environmental issues can be addressed at a large level. A major trend in this industry is clean technology or cleantech, which includes recycling, renewable energy such as wind power, solar power, biomass, and biofuels. Clean Edge, a clean technology research firm, notes that “Clean technologies are competitive with, if not superior to, their conventional counterparts. Many also offer significant additional benefits, notably their ability to improve the lives of those in both developed and developing countries.”

Amit Tiwari from techstory.in has covered a list of startups which are transforming the cleantech scenario in the country.

Husk Power Systems

Husk Power Systems, a startup company based in Bihar is co-founded by Gyanesh Pandey, Manoj Sinha, and Ratnesh Yadav.  The company provides power to thousands of rural Indians using proprietary technology that has been developed by the firm.

Husk cost-effectively generates electricity using a biomass gasifier that creates fuel from rice husks, a waste product of the rice hullers that separate the husks as chaff from the rice, a staple food in the region. The company’s each plant serves around 400 households, saving approximately 42,000 liters of kerosene and 18,000 liters of diesel per year, significantly reducing indoor air pollution and improving health conditions in rural areas.

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