8 Social Enterprises that Strive to Make India Better

So what precisely is a social enterprise? It's essentially an undertaking that intends to improve the world and tackle an unpredictable issue. Regardless of whether it be a not-for-profit, business, or other substance, social enterprise utilize inventive plans to change lives and better the earth.The entrepreneurs and investors of social businesses look to accomplish explicit causes or advantages for the general public by working the business. The effect on the general public or the earth is the primary marker of achievement or disappointment of the social business. The benefit is auxiliary. Thusly, the social business people just try to recover contributed capital and make an insignificant net revenue to keep the social business running. Advantages to the general public or the earth are of first need. Social businesses have changed the lives of thousands of individuals to improve things. Must read: 10 Best Antivirus For Enterprises

When the whole world insanely runs behind building products and companies there is always a group that fails to grab attention. They hide themselves from spotlights and work genuinely towards a noble cause. Social entrepreneurs are the ones who redefine entrepreneurship by working for a social cause that generally gets oppressed in a mad rush towards inventing products that can comfort human living. Mahindra has taken an impressive step by creating a platform called ?Spark the rise? where entrepreneurs across India, who are change makers, get to connect to one another, exchange ideas and compete. Indian social entrepreneurs poured into this event with great ideas and the best ones that are creating an impact in the country were voted as winners. Here are the list of those social impact makers and what they do.

Hastashilpi Gurukul: Sets up a craft ashram

To secure the livelihood of women and the youth community in Belda, in Narayangarh Block, West Bengal and Hastashilpi Gurukul focuses on being a learning and production centre locally. This project integrates technology, nature and people and has an aim to tap over 400 villages in this region of West Bengal. Over a period of time, it plans to provide training in dyeing and product development, market linkages, skill upgradation and also plans to introduce modern technologies. Bamboo craft, Mat making, Pottery, Sabaii Grass, Weaving and Blacksmithery are the areas which Hastashilpi Gurukul targets.

How does it help?

?This initiative by Hastashilpi Gurukul would help 80 artisans in three crafts each in first year i.e. total 240 people from this community would be able to run their household within the first year.