8 Indian Startups that Wowed Customers and Retailers

BENGALURU: Big names like Reliance Industries, Tata, Airtel, and Indian Oil had also experienced the stages of struggle in their early days before becoming bedrocks of their respective marketplace. Today, they have brought home the bacon in helping the vast community in India. No change today; startups now are climbing up the same way to bring unique approach towards the business market.

According to Tech in Asia, here are some of the start-ups, over the last few years, which have wowed customers, scaled up, and go around in India:


NowFloats, a Hyderabad-based startup assists businesses to create and manage their Search engine optimization (SEO) optimized internet sites. Ronak Kumar Samantray founded NowFloats along with Jasminder Singh Gulati, Nitin Jain, and Neeraj Sabharwal in 2012. Mumbai Angles, Blume Ventures and Omidyar Network are investors of NowFloats.

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