5 Quick Tips to Woo Every Investor

Bangalore: An essential process every young Indian entrepreneur has to go through is the interview with investors. Most startups have to go through many meetings and interviews before they can actually find an investor who is willing to invest in their idea.

This article enumerates some rules of thumb which will help young innovators project their ideas in a presentable manner, so that they can spend more time in the game room developing their product rather in interviews.

Before you go for the interview with the investors you should clear all doubt and say, “Yes, I am worth investing in” then write down all the reasons why an investor should fund your product and no one else’s.

#5 Do your homework:

Study the market you are about to enter into. Your investor should be convinced that you are the right person to invest in – knowledge exudes confidence. List out your competitors, explain how in the near future you plan to overtake them, display your mastery in the field, plot out the numbers, provide your budget, and fill in the gaps. An organized approach is always more trusted because the investors will feel confident about investing in someone who knows every aspect of the venture he is undertaking. When you present your idea, the person sitting in front of you should be convinced that you are an expert in your field.