10 Obstacles Faced By Indian Entrepreneurs

Bangalore: Rich and sufficient human resource is certainly a feather in the quilt for any country. Even though India is abundantly blessed in this regard, we have lagged behind in effectively tapping the potential. The incomparable resources of India have certainly been the topic of chatter in the Silicon Valley and it is in this context that Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO and the current executive chairman appreciated the country saying; “India's entrepreneurial innovators have the potential to build the "next Google" if the country "plays its cards right" and ensures Internet access for millions of its citizens.

Even though the remark from the tech connoisseur is a badge of honor, it also leaves a question of what stops us from the onward march of attaining the same. Another notable fact Eric pointed out was his observation that more than 40 percent of the startups in the Silicon Valley were founded by Indians. With such a lot of foreign credit it is high time we ponder with seriousness on what chains down the future entrepreneurs from setting up the next Google.

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