The Olympian Women of India

The Olympian Women of India

We all are very keen to talk about the women's strength and achievements they conquered for the country and themselves. Every sector witnessed the strength, courage and skills of women and how productive they were. Today world is seeing the talents around the globe; Tokyo Olympics 2021 is empowering the sportspersons around the world. India bags the fourth medal today. But when we look at the whole scenario of these games, what our country holds the most?

We can say it may be the respect gained by our medal winners, mostly Women. Olympic Games 1924, the first time in the history of India, a pair of female athletes made their first presence in the competition of Olympics held in Paris. Positioned in the pre-Independence period static, the four following versions of the Competitions saw zero partaking from Indian women straddling a pair of eras from 1928 to 1948. Around the end of the Second World War, Finally, India gained Independence in 1947, the door of sports in the democratic country opened for female sportspersons.

Quadrennial Games 1924, a voyage that arose with a pair of Indian Women Sportspersons, prolonged in hops and jumps to stance at 51 in the Tokyo Olympics 2021. Nevertheless, it wasn't waiting that the Moscow Games 1980 Indian female sportspersons became an active presence also the number of new athletes across the country for the Olympic tour hiked instantly. Fascinatingly, the Tokyo Olympic game is offering equal involvement for both genders.

"It's really a dream come true for me. I would like to dedicate this medal to my country and would like to thank the billion prayers of all Indians which were with me during this journey. I like to thank my family especially my mother for a lot of sacrifices and believing in me. Thank you once again to entire weightlifting fraternity and all my countrymen. JAI HIND." Tweets, Saikhom Mirabai Chanu, Silver medallist, Weightlifting, Tokyo Olympics 2021

Numerous Indian female sportspersons have partaken in the Olympics Games in the past. Several got to the final round and performed well, and six female Indian Olympians won the glorified medal of the Olympics for the country. The first medal came to India in Sydney Olympics 2000 by the first female Olympian Karnam Malleswari for weightlifting. After that, our country had to wait for two decades. In the 2012 London Olympics, a new category came for women; the first time Olympics game featured Women's Boxing following the weight categories. Mary Com brought back the awaiting medal to the country again. Mary Com won a bronze medal in women's boxing. Same year Saina Nehwal won the bronze medal for Badminton and made our country to proud moment. Geeta phogat, a born wrestler, made the qualifying round pass and made the name of Indian Women in the list of wrestlers in the same London Olympics 2012. After London Olympics, the women sportspersons of our country continued a spree of medals to the country. In the next era of the Rio Olympics 2016, Sakshi Malik followed the path of Geeta and brought a bronze medal for the country. She won the medal in the category of 58kg Women freestyle wrestling. Same year P V Sindhu stamped her name as the youngest female athlete to win a medal in the Olympics medal, and she was the one who won the first silver medal for India in Badminton. Countrymen witnessed the glorifying victories of our women in the Rio Olympics 2016. Following the spree, Sindhu won a bronze medal for Badminton in Tokyo Olympic 2021 and became the only woman to have 2 Olympics medals in a single category. Also, after Karnam Malleswari, Saikhom Mirabai Chanu won a silver medal for weightlifting in Tokyo Olympics 2021. Right now, our countrymen are eagerly waiting for the next successors who bring the successive medal to our country. 

"P V Sindhu becomes the first Indian woman to win medals in two Olympic Games. She has set a new yardstick of consistency, dedication and excellence. My heartiest congratulations to her for bringing glory to India." Tweets, Ramnath Kovind, President of India.

The advance of Indian female sportspersons together in the Olympics Games and on the bench of prize-winners from the country has perceived a piercing growth with each fleeting version of the Olympic Games, which foreseeably impulses to pursue. 

 Here is an open book we can see that Women is following the consistency by bringing the Olympic Medal to the country and they are the one keeping the face of the country in the world. Firstly Olympic Games are considered as male domain space where women are physically weak and shy, and they are not fit to be a competitor in this arena. Founder of Olympic Games Pierre de Coubertin failed to think of a scenario with women in Olympic Games. Today they are shining as galaxy stars in every season of the Olympic Games, and Tokyo is witnessing it right now.

While following the earlier successors new generation is shining on their platform at Olympics 2021. From Karnam Malleswari to Saikhom Mirabai Chanu, following Saina Nehwal right now, Sindhu has two medals in her hand. Sakshi lived the dreams of Geeta and brought medal to the country. For our nation, we can proudly say the diamonds of the Olympics are our Women. Every decade they are writing their success stories.