Why these 5 Largest Libraries are the Best in the World?

Legendary French philosopher, novelist and screenwriter, Jean-Paul Sartre once said, “I had found my religion: nothing seemed more important to me than a book. I saw the library as a temple”. Libraries are considered as the main source of knowledge and wisdom and is getting better with each passing day. Digitizing the records, libraries are now preserving the rare collection of books, photographs, quotes from the last era and most of the libraries are now considered as a place where people find their inner peace with the knowledge.

Libraries connect communities, help improve the local economies, act as free educational resources to the people and also help them cement their command over various languages. Libraries as it expands, increases the values it has, i.e. more books, more knowledge. If you ever wanted to visit the world’s largest libraries, this article might help you as it speaks about five of them.