Upcoming Cars in India 2018

2. Nissan Leaf (electric)

The 2018 Nissan Leaf is the company's first production car to come up with the ProPILOT Park semi-autonomous driving technology. It helps the driver to park the car in tight spaces and it also comes up with e-Pedal system. Main highlight of the car is its improved battery life and electric range, as it has a 40kWh battery which offers  400km run on a single charge. The charging time vary from 8hrs to 16 hrs and it also comes up with an additional feature of quick charging which provides a 80% charge in just 40mins. As per the government's new taxation plan (GST) to promote electric cars, it is now more affordable than before. This might encourage the Nissan company to bring in the electric car much before than they've planned.

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