Triumph Reincarnates 1959 Bonnie T120

BENGALURU: The global auto market is not divided by borders, but by distinct characteristics. The Japanese are known for their tech-savvy innovation, Americans for sheer power, performance defines the Italians while the Germans, undoubtedly for luxury. Well, elegance and class are domains ruled by the British. Launched in 1959, the Bonneville has been a revered ride among enthusiasts, particularly among the café racers. British bike manufacturer, Triumph Motorcycles has immortalized the name “Bonneville”, by continued production of bikes under that badge, loaded with latest features and technology. Now if you are wondering where elegance and class appear in the picture, you probably have not seen one, let alone ride one. Each new Bonneville launched by the manufacturer is a tech-loaded machine, but the design philosophy remains the same, old-school inspired. The latest Bonneville sibling, T120 will inspire the same old-school charm when glanced upon. Showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo, the Bonneville T120 is now open for bookings across 12 Triumph dealerships across the country for a price tag of Rs 8.70 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi).

"The original Bonneville T120 has enjoyed a great legacy and character amongst its loyalists. We are sure the Indian customers will take it to the new, modern yet authentic T120 with absolute zeal and pride. It comes with real pedigree, presence and performance yet retains its class" said Vimal Sumbly, Triumph Motorcycles India Managing Director during the launch. The design team at Hinckley has successfully managed to translate the original’s design cues into the latest reincarnation. But, don’t be fooled by the appearance. In terms of performance and technology the new T120 is as modern as one can imagine.

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