Treat Your Taste Buds with Mock Meats

New Delhi: Here's an interesting offer for vegetarians - a variety of healthy mock meats have been launched to woo their taste buds.

Godrej Nature's Basket has introduced variety of healthy mock meats, including alternatives to chicken, crabs, prawns and lobsters, a statement said.

Food lovers can choose from delectable vegetarian burgers, fried strips, hot dogs, sausages, veg schnitzels, polony and even vegetarian chicken mince.

While the mock chicken products are largely prepared using soya and are completely vegetarian, the crab and lobster alternatives are made with premium sear fish.

With this small but growing market for mock meat, the brand offers an extensive range of quality food items from both Indian and international brands.

The mock meat is priced at 100 to 500 per packet.

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Source: IANS