Top 8 Newly Opened Restaurants In Bangalore


Often we get bored of the same daily food and indulge in the spree to try some new food. If such a food mood has hit you or your dear ones, then come in here. You get Lebanese, Arabian and Mediterranean food at this Frazer Town restaurant. To pamper your mood, they have continuous Arabic music. However, the restaurant has a simple décor with the minimal Arabic touch. Yet at the end of your experience, you will have a feeling of flying to Arab soon.

Soda Bottle Opener Wala

Your mood for new culinary delights might go up, and to cater the demand here they are serving Parsi and Iranian food. This sort of food is mostly very rich and spicy and the trend is being continued by the franchise of the Delhi restaurant. The ambiance has no specific association with Parsees but is very interesting to grab your attention for some time. Your to do list in the first ever Parsi restaurant of Bangalore should include their Salli Chicken, Onion Bajji, Chicken Farcha and Chicken Cutlet Pao.

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