Top 8 Foods for Weight Loss

Top 8 Foods for Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, there is no magic formula that will instantly get you from fat to fit. A lot of diet programs in the market claim to give quicker results, without the need of a gradual, trusted process. But weight loss fads can do more damage than help you in the long run. We are all well aware of the fact that different foods have diverse effects on the body's metabolism, hormones, calorie-burning ability and hunger. Characteristics that are most common among diet foods include high fibre content and low energy density. So you must choose the right foods and follow a well-planned diet in order to stay healthy.

Let's see eight best foods that you must include in your diet for a healthy weight loss journey.

1. Eggs - Rich in high-quality protein, essential nutrients and fats, eggs play a vital role in weight loss by keeping you fuller for a long time. This powerhouse food when consumed for breakfast regulates your hunger and in turn aids in weight loss. So the next time you think of having bagels for breakfast, switch to eggs and see how satiated you feel. You will not only have a reduced urge to eat during the next few hours but will also see much decrease in weight when you're on a calorie-restricted diet.

2. Avocados - Avocado is a hero when it comes to losing weight because of the high dietary fibre, phytochemicals, monounsaturated fatty acids and potassium content in it. As per study, avocado-consuming people tend to have lower body weight, lesser waist circumference and lower BMI when compared to those who excluded this green superfood from their diet. So add some avocados to your salads or sandwiches for a tasty meal, while enjoying the feel of a slimmer body.

3. Yogurt - The pro-biotic content in yogurt helps keep your gut bacteria happy and improves your overall gut health; and a healthy gut means good metabolism. Greek yogurt especially, aids in lowering appetite and keeping you full. However, avoid flavoured yogurts and those with added sugars; go for fresh fruits as sweeteners instead. Read about the gut-weight connection, to get an idea of how a healthy gut can enhance your weight loss journey.

4. Beans and Whole Grains - A bowl of high-fibre containing beans and legumes, along with some fresh green leafy veggies makes a perfect meal when you're on a diet. Beans are known to have lesser calories and more protein. While legumes and beans help in weight loss, you'll also see a number of benefits like reduced LDL cholesterol, reduced risks of cardiovascular diseases and lower blood pressure. Including whole grains such as oats, quinoa and brown rice in your diet also helps in reducing weight by keeping you full and improving metabolism.

5. Salmon - Salmon, a protein-rich food that can be combined with leafy veggies and other healthy preparations is an amazing weight-loss food. It contains ample good fats like the omega-3 fatty acids, as well as other important nutrients. Omega-3 fatty acids are primarily known for their obesity-reducing capability, and lowering of inflammation and metabolic diseases. Sardines, mackerel, herring and trout are some other fatty fishes that aid in weight loss. So indulge in some lip-smacking fish preparations and enjoy your weight-loss routine.

6. Fruits - Fruits are a rich source of antioxidants, fibre and natural sugars, and have low energy density. Fresh fruits give you a sweet treat, and help you stay away from artificial sugars and unhealthy snacks. Consumption of fruits during your diet not only helps in reducing your overall body weight, but also keeps you healthy inside out.

7. Almonds - Nuts like almonds are great for weight loss because the fibre and protein content in them keeps you full for a longer time, making it less tempting to indulge in unhealthy snacking. Almonds contain mono and polyunsaturated fats, and vitamin E and work great with salads or simply as an emergency snack. However, since nuts belong to the category of energy-dense foods, they must be consumed in moderation. Buy the best almonds from groceries like Woolworths Online, your one stop shop for high-quality weight-loss foods.

8. Popcorn - Yes, popcorn! But not the butter or cheese-coated ones that allure your taste buds at the movies. You should go for the plain air-popped corn without any added flavours or oils.About an ounce of air-popped corn gives you around 4 grams of protein, 4 grams of fibre and a total of 110 calories. It makes a good snack and can be added to your diet as a weight-loss food.

Coffee, red wine, dark chocolate, dark meat poultry and pasta are also some of the foods that help in lowering stress and in turn, reducing your body weight. Consume these foods in limited quantities, and avoid added sugars, high-sugar ice-creams and other junk foods for the best benefits.

While we choose to include these foods in our diet with the sole purpose of losing weight, it's very important to love what you eat. If the body doesn't feel healthy and happy at the same time, one can easily lose sight of their goal and end up ditching the entire weight-loss program. Even when you're ordering something from Ubereats, choose tasty foods that will aid in weight loss and keep you healthy. So find out what suits your body, keep it nutritious, be dedicated and enjoy the new you.

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