Top 7 most haunted places in Delhi

Are you living in Delhi or looking for a creepy ghost? You are in a right place to discover the dark side of the Delhi. There are some places in Delhi that are rumored to be still haunted. People have seen spirits, a headless ghost, a wailing woman, ghosts and djinns in these places. If you are willing to confront them like a Ghostbusters and have no fear of ghost, here are some of the places in the Delhi that you want to try and get thrilling experience.


Lothian Cemetery:

Have you ever tried going to a graveyard where no one ever dares to go alone? Lothian Cemetery is one such graveyard where people have seen ghosts walking on the graveyard. There are lots of stories about the place, told by the people who have eye witnessed the ghost of a headless man carrying his head in his hand. As per the story told by the locals, the headless ghost is of General Nicholas, who shot himself in the head after discovering that his soulmate had married to someone else. His soul still haunts the place at night in the search of his love.

sanjay van

Sanjay Van:

Sanjay Van is another spooky place filled with dense forest and forbidden fort’s covered with creepers. The place is stretched in the area of 10km where several graves and remains of Qila Rai Pithora could be found. Local says that the place is haunted by witch and ghosts; anybody who goes there alone gets haunted by ghosts. There have been some incidents happened like hearing of crying children voice and sighting of a lonely woman who gets disappear eventually.  

northern ridge

Northern  Ridge:

Here comes another deadly dense forest where people prefer to go only in daytime and, people who called themselves brave or Ghostbusters visit after a dark hour. The place is also called by another name Kamla Nehru Ridge. There have been some incidents of spirits chasing people and scary screams coming out from the forest, the sighting of a British soldier covered with blood, who died in India. 

bhuli bhatiyari

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal:

It is an old and forbidden fort, and also one of the haunted places in Delhi. Its structure and deep silence in the fort is enough to scare the soul out of one’s body. Peoples have confessed that they have heard strange sounds, including crying man. The place is so scary that people are afraid to go there to spend night and policemen are also stationed at the entrance to stop people from entering after sunset.

agrasen ki baoli

Agrasen ki Baoli:

 Agrasen ki baoli is a beautiful piece of architecture, a stepwell with 103 steps situated at the center of the Delhi. The place is as creepy as its tales, legends say that the blackwater of well lures the people and lead them to drown themselves. They also say that if you go deeper the lure strengthens and you will hear the echo of your footsteps only. 

feroz shah kotla

Feroze Shah Kotla Fort:

Feroze Shah Kotla fort is believed to be the home of Djinns who collects there devotee’s wishes written on the piece of paper and fulfilled them. Every Thursday, people gathered around the fort, do their rituals of praying and sticking the wishes written on a piece of paper to the wall. After the sunset, no one is allowed to enter the fort. It is believed that during the night, Djinn roams free in the fort complex protecting the territory and scaring off people who try to enter. In the fear of Djinn local people have made their houses facing the other direction.  

delhi cantonment

Delhi Cantonment:

If you ever want to face women in white saree this is the right place for you. The place is deserted and haunted.  According to the stories narrated by locals, a woman in white saree often asks for a lift on the road. She chases the one who doesn’t give her a lift with a speed of same as of their motorbike and those who give her a lift were never been found after that. This kind of incident is happening quite frequently that’s what makes this place much scarier. Locals believe that the spirit is of a women hitchhiker, who died to wait for help.

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