Top 10 Weird Fashion Trends of 2020

Top 10 Weird Fashion Trends of 2020

A person’s fashion sense is the first thing that grabs everyone’s. It also has the potential to build one’s impression or even destroys it. Dressing up for the occasion is quite crucial like opting to wear something flashy and bright or subtle and pale tones. Some are exceptionally good with their fashion sense but many tend to miserably fail with their fashion experiments be it neon green pants or rainbow-colored accessories and more. Here we bring out some weird fashion trends of 2020 that would make us feel crazy. 


Romper had been restricted for women, but now men get introduced to the male version of romper - RompHim. But, what is the difference between an ordinary romper and a RompHim? The RompHim has a zip fly so you do not have to get fully naked while using the restroom. RompHim’s comes with adjustable tabs on the waist area, to enhance the look. However, there was a huge demand for male romper. 

Roller Skates on High-Heels

Walking wearing the heels was not hard enough, thus, Saint Laurent choose to take things to the next level by adding wheels to these heels. These high heeled roller skates could be incredibly dangerous. Having said this, the shoe is so aesthetically pleasing and has amazing details, but has zero function. Hence, one would mostly only get to wear these once before breaking your legs!

Big Knit Sweaters

Big chunky knit sweaters are quite popular recently, but this one is just a bit over the top! It looks like those big knit throw blankets that are all over Instagram reels these days, you know, the ones that are knit using your arm instead of a knitting needle, since the yarn is thick.

Butt Zipper Jeans

This fashion statement is plain risky. This may look like an ordinary pair of jeans, but it isn't. There is a zipper going right across the backside of these jeans! Wearing these cutting edge jeans, could keep the person very consious. At any given moment someone could just walk up behind you and unzip that strangely placed zipper. Though we are unsure of why the zipper is placed inappropriately, one might wonder how anyone could conveniently sit in these pain of jeans? 

Denim Boots

Jeans were meant to be used as pants alone and had never heard of denim boots. If you are getting tired of the same old boring footwear, the pair of denim boots could be given a try. These denim boots looks just like jeans that start at the toes and end at the knees, but who cares. 

Sleeve Hoodies

We are totally on board with hoodies, and even cropped hoodies, but, this fashion trend seems to be a little too intense. This is a hoodie that has been cropped, it is just sleeves that are connected by an attached hood.

Potato Jumpsuit 

This is an over-sized jumpsuit that is fashion-forward or a total fail. Yet, this is a strange fashion trend that has seemed to grab the attention of social media influencers. They have been posting photos in this jumpsuit and the audience is also be responding well to it.

Mexican Trival Boots

These greatly pointy boots are known as Trival Boots. These Mexican pointy boots are typically meant to be worn ironically or comically by men in the trivial music scene. for the one who hasn't heard of trival music? It is a fusion of electropop and Latin music. Trival music is quite popular among teenagers and the younger generations and has only been around since 2001.


If one is tired of wearing regular pants, then these Shleggings are a must-try. This is a combination of socks, shoes as well as pants. This comes as a perfect outfit for lazy people. It shrinks your getting dressed routine into one simple step. Introducing, shleggings! Shleggings are leggings and shoes that come in one huge piece.

Crazy Eyebrows

People these days are quite obsessed with their eyebrows. Every day some new wild eyebrow trends are arising in our social media feeds that remind us that our eyebrows are in fact, awesome. Everyone prefers to have well-groomed eyebrows and these crazy shaped eyebrows are definitely the weirdest fashion statement.