People living away from their families, busy with their jobs or studying at some unknown city often face problems relating to food. This can also affect their health because such people often end up thriving on junk and unhealthy food.

Here is a list of top 10 food items that are available easily on Swiggy and are also important for having a balanced diet. People can access several Swiggy Coupons by searching on the website and order these items without the tension of spending excess money on food –

1. Healthy shakes

Getting late for work? No breakfast can be highly toxic. Ordering some healthy shakes and a simple sandwich in the morning can be a good idea. Simply order your choice of a healthy shake that can be taken on-the-go.

2. Bowl of fruits

Fruits are the most important part of diet. Without regular intake of fruits, the immunity of our body can get affected. However, if you don’t have the time to go to the supermarket and buy fruits, order a fresh bowl of fruits which are cut and sealed in such a way that they are hygienic.

3. Salads

What is a balanced diet without fresh and healthy vegetables? No more need to spend time on buying vegetables, chopping them and making a proper salad. Simply order exotic and healthy salads on Swiggy.

4. Sandwiches

Most people end up consuming junk food during snacks time. Ordering a healthy sandwich with vegetables, eggs or such proteins, is very simple on Swiggy. It is the ultimate solution to random hunger pangs.

5. Subway

The international brand of sandwiches and subs is the most commonly available option on Swiggy. Their wide variety of breads , choices of sauce and other fillings can be easily customised for a healthy meal.

6. Dal and other pulses

If you are feeling lazy to cook, simply order a dal or other such pulses like rajma or chola which are an important part of a balanced diet and came also be a tasty option to eat.

8. Idlis and Upma

These highly popular South Indian dishes are not a blessing to your diet but also to your tastes buds. The subtle taste of the steaming delicacy has made them a popular food item on Swiggy.

9. Pasta

While pasta is commonly associated with junk food in India, one can order healthy pastas loaded with vegetables, chicken and other such add ons can be a great choice. It can also give a touch of continental cuisine in the balanced diet.

10. Meat

People prefer different types of meat according to their taste. Order your choice of meat with a side of bread or rice for the lunch or dinner time.

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