Top 10 Extremely Expensive Food In The World

European White Truffles

Indian Value: 2,28,671 per pound

Oops, this is not any truffle pastry that you are thinking about. It is a fancy delicacy which is a fungi fruit of Oak trees found in Italy and France. These wild fruits are obtained by truffle hunters and resemble an unshaped potato. One popular truffle hunter in the world is Olga Urbani, and her company, Urbani, has 70 pct control on this white truffle business.

Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata

Indian Value: 63,519 per fittata

You make omelette at home. How rich can you make them? Veggies, meats, prawns- what else?

Well, learn from the most expensive omelette that has made its name in the Guinness Book of World Records. The omelette was first prepared in Norma’s restaurant, Le Parker Meridien Hotel, New York. The restaurant’s executive chef, Emile Castillo said, “We knew it was going to be a very expensive dish, so we decided to have some fun with it. It tastes incredible, though. It’s not just a gimmick.” It contains frittata, topped with caviar, stuffed with lobster in the egg on a base of fried potatoes.

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