Technologies that are Changing the Perspective of Photography

BENGALURU: Ten years ago old fashioned digital cameras were used for clicking pictures leaving your hope to the luck of getting a satisfactory picture when later connected to a laptop or a computer. The picture remained a secret unless and until connected to a device. But in recent years there have been technologically-permeated amazements, which have opened up new opportunities in photography, sharing and even revenue for professional photographers.

The new and improved cameras, including mid-range cameras, with its Wi-Fi, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Bluetooth chips have broadened photography's applications, with connected cameras that enable watching live footage or control your snapper with smartphones.

Let’s take a look at how connected cameras are shaping the world of photography, and how they might evolve again to alter the way we take and share photos forever.

Quick Photo Transfers

Sharing photos used to be a laborious process, where after a day of snapping, users had to connect the camera to a laptop or a PC and then wait for the photos to get transferred. Only then they could email them to friends and family or post them online on social media sites. Today there are connected cameras which cut short these waits entirely. Cameras with Wi-Fi can access the internet through a router or hot spot enabling photo transfer straight to your phones or laptops with no complications.

The Canon 750D, one such camera, allows automatic uploading of photos to social media through a suitable Wi-Fi access point, and can also send photos to smartphones, prompted by tapping them together through the near field communication (NFC) chips embedded in them.

Nikon's new D500 also features an always-on low-energy Bluetooth that can share different version of snaps with your smartphone instantly so that it can be posted online using the phone's data connection.

The Samsung Galaxy Camera range has taken one step further by running on the Android operating system, and featuring 3G and 4G, offering Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat at your fingertips. However, the company is yet to update the range. So this new technology in mobile-connected cameras and its progress are still in the pipeline. Users would need another mobile contract and a decent data bundle to use this facility.

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