Technologies that are Changing the Perspective of Photography

Remote Shutter Release

Today most of the connected cameras allow photographers to use smartphones as a remote release for the camera's shutter through Wi-Fi connection. This is a very useful function for a number of reasons. The best one being able to take selfies, where users can set the DSLR, fix poses, and tap their phone to snap their faces in all its high-quality glory. It's also useful for long-exposure photography including stunning nightscapes or flowing water scenes. Remote shutter release is especially helpful when you don't want to get too close to the action but still need cracking shots.

Another useful application include photographing wildlife: instead of disturbing whatever animal you're trying to capture by crashing around in the bushes, set up your tripod and wait in a faraway place to capture the action for the perfect moment.

Sports photographers have cameras that can beam shots instantly back to photo editors in comfy studios. Powerful Wi-Fi connections are necessary but they can also plug directly into Ethernet cable sockets for a faster or instantaneous process.

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