Take a Bite of These Unbelievably Expensive Foods!


#A single dosa costs 1001

Yummy breakfast is always a lovely way to start our day. And, a mouthwatering dosa can actually quench your thirst for good food. Yes dosa! The most common food served in a south Indian household. But have you ever wondered that a single dosa can cost you 1001? Indeed, a little trick can make this staple south food the most expensive in the world. A restaurant in Bangalore called ‘RajBhog’ offers dosa made with olive oil and covered with gold foil, arguably making it the most expensive dosa in the world. When this innovative way of serving dosa was introduced, the restaurant was expected to sell two or three such kind of expensive dosa but hitherto around 32 such dosas were sold.

Chandan Lokesh joint proprietor of Rajbhog cited “We wanted to do something different in our restaurant; we’d heard stories of kings of yore who ate small quantities of gold. It's also an accepted ingredient in several Ayurvedic medicines. Gold foil is already available in paan and sweets. We thought it would be interesting to transplant it to dosas,” reports Bornrich.com.

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