Take a Bite of These Unbelievably Expensive Foods!

Bangalore: A dish can cost you more than your house? Surprised? Yes! The expensive price tag is not only restricted to homes, jewellery and cars, food has also come on the list of most expensive things that can make your jaw drop, as listed by Yahoo.


# A 190ml jar of chutney costs around 1,66,924!

Chutney, which is again a common condiment in Indian cuisine, is made out of some mixture of spices, vegetables or fruits. Chutney is like a grandma’s recipe in India with each home having its own flavor and type of chutney like tomato chutney, pudina chutney, coconut chutney and many more.  But a 190ml jar of chutney costs £2000? Surprised! Bindi, a restaurant in Britain is the main creator of world’s most expensive chutney called ‘Chutney For Heroes.’ The secret ingredients of this delicious chutney contain saffron, 23ct edible gold and organic produces to flatter a mixture of spices.

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