Street arts, Graffiti and Vivid Buildings - Instagrammable places in India

Street arts, Graffiti and Vivid Buildings - Instagrammable places in India

Blessed with diverse culture, India attracts millions of explorers worldwide with a tempting visit to India. There are various reasons to visit different places in the country: mountains or plains, beaches or backwaters, wildlife tours or adventure activities, secluded islands or bustling metropolitan, culinary delights or local drinks, spiritual holidays or romantic vacations. As the 7th largest country globally, India distinguishes itself in Asia, adjoin by mountains and the sea, giving the country an individual geographical entity. Simultaneously, the country is incredibly dotted with numerous colourful streets, amazing views, and beautiful spots to click pictures. Walk around these beautiful streets and get ecstatic into a whole novel world.

India’s Blue City 


While Jodhpur is famous for its sobriquet, the Blue City, Rajasthan, is usually part of any Rajasthan holiday package. But unlike other touristic cities in the state, Jodhpur has a far chiller vibe, and it has an offbeat destination that is incredibly gorgeous and makes you fall in love. 

The blue houses street is a must-visit place for photography lovers because the narrow streets, old blue houses, shops and the golden hour settled upon Jodhpur, bathing its streets and curiosities in a warm blanket of sunlight. The vibrant atmosphere of that place where you can find peeping eyes of kids glint at you from a window far above your head, and locals would be happy to sit and chat. The colourful street, lifestyle and happy face of Jodhpur people will make your day. 

Lodhi Art District, Delhi 


Lodhi Art District is famous for its open art gallery, where artists can find wall paintings and illustrations. A not-for-profit organization, St+art Foundation, entirely painted it. Nestled between Khanna Market and Meharchand Market is an open-air art district that united 25 street artists from India and worldwide to make a stunning art piece. You would be stunned by the bright patterns and murals on the walls. 

Find art in the Hindu epic Mahabharata, women’s rights and a magnificent painting inspired by our national flag, to name a few. Certainly, Lodhi Art District is a perfect place to visit, especially for an artist. After all, it is one of the most colourful streets you will find in India. After the long walk, you can go to nearby cafes and restaurants to end your day on a special note.

Hauz Khas, Delhi 

Hauz khas

Hauz Khas, originally a residential region of south Delhi, occupied in the greenery of its Deer Park, has transformed into a great place to feel the pulse of India’s creative scene. Chock-a-block with design agencies and curio shops and embracing an ancient reservoir, tiny Hauz Khas is easy to navigate.

Surrounding a large water tank that once supplied Medieval Siri, Hauz Khas is the best place to meet young Delhiites shaking off the shackles of tradition and imitating a new, cosmopolitan identity. In the bohemian quarter, bars provide Golgappa (liquid-filled fried bread balls) and rainbow-coloured cocktails. There is an overlooking forest where once sultans were hunted, and you can witness teenage couples with iPads and Bluetooth headphones sit and chat on the broken walls of the 14th-century seminary where scholars once recited verses from the Quran.

Church Street, Bangalore

Church street

Bangalore has a host of streets that are dotted with street art. From Malleshwaram’s polyglot culture and creative artworks to Indiranagar walls, you’d find doodles and street art if you’re looking for it. Recently Church Street has converted into a pedestrian-only stretch during weekends, and the stretch is bustling with activity, with shopper footfall having increased considerably. 

The massive wall-art all over the Metro station will immediately catch the attention of any visitor. While walking down the lane, you will notice many other such pieces of colourful artwork on the walls beside the footpath. There’re also idiosyncratic installations to have some fun. You can catch up on the live performance of some local musicians and can have the best pizzas in town from Brik Oven. If you are a bookworm, the street could be your home; hunt your favourite books in Blossom Book House; it has become synonymous with the city’s love for books and literature.

French Quarter, Pondicherry


French Quarter in Pondicherry is one of the most Instagrammable places where you can find French villas, boutique hotels, charming homes with Bougainville. The place offers a similar vibe to Notting Hill, London, with its vibrancy and chilled out vibes. Take a walk at the French Quarter and explore French houses and villas painted in bright yellow and ochre hues. Many of them are converted into attractive B&B and not just French houses, graffiti on the roads and walls are an addition to the bohemian vibes of the place. Dine at a charming cafe there and take lots of snaps of the most astounding backgrounds in town.

So, do try to take some time to visit these streets whenever you are in the city and fill your Facebook and Instagram with amazing photos with gorgeous backdrops.