Now, Get Food from 5-Star Restaurants at Your Doorstep

New Delhi: If you are craving for that delicious chilly chicken from your favourite five-star restaurant but do not want to drive there after a hectic day at work, this new app may solve your woes -- well, to some extent.

FooDrool, a new app lets you order food from 3-Star and 5-Star restaurants, promising to deliver it piping hot and at a blazing speed.

The app says it provides food up to a radius of 12 km unlike other food delivery marketplaces which are restricted to a maximum distance of five to seven kilometers.

"It is possible due to the huge fleet of delivery boys and our special carry-bags which can keep food warm for more than one and a half hours," the company said in a statement.

"At times you wish to avoid driving and enjoy your favourite meal in the comfort of your house or office. But it wasn't feasible since most of the five star hotels and premium segment of restaurants do not deliver their food. Hence, FooDrool came into existence," Tanmay Garg, founder of the app, said.

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Source: IANS