Most Famous Vegetarians in India

Bangalore: India might be the only nation in the world, which has more number of people following vegetarianism in it compared to rest of the globe. However, there are few famous people across the globe, who also believe and follow that, vegetarianism helps them to lead a longer life, by following a perfect vegetarian dieting in their daily food consumption. However, as this article is mainly focused on the Indian vegetarians who are famous, let us take a look at those famous Indian vegetarians, who followed vegetarianism right from their birth and some who quit non-vegetarian tag to be a complete vegetarian from few years, checkout the list of famous vegetarians in India some you know or might not be knowing about them, given by Simrat Ahluwalia on ‘Halabol Voices’ website.

1. APJ Abdul Kalam:

Yes, you heard it right, and you might also be surprised to hear that, how can a person being a Muslim by religion can be a hardcore follower of vegetarianism in his life? As it was reported on the, the reason for him being a vegetarian was due to the financial constraints that he experienced in his family right from his childhood, but later on, he made it a habit to remain a vegetarian throughout his life. According to other sources, Kalam followed vegetarianism because he believes in leading a simple life that is based on non-violence. He served as India’s 11th President from 2002 - 2007.