Most Classic Wedding Cakes Of All Times!

Blossom Design

The cake is covered with natural beauty that is certainly edible. Blossom’s all around make it extremely pretty and is preferably for brides. The handmade blossoms with graduating shades of pink petals look pretty and romantic. A dessert like this is carved specially for wedding occasions and comes from one of the luxury brand's best-sellers, Fortnum and Mason. The cake can be accordingly customized from a wide range of flavors or can simply be a classic fruitcake.




The name itself suggests a graceful appealing cake that is simple and elegant. This luxury wedding cake supplier, GC Couture, often builds its cakes in florid designs, such as this one in hexagonal vintage style. It has intricate icing patterns on alternate tiers with gold beading on the edges. The cake stunningly displays neat work and a touch of snowiness with its white appearance.

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