Most Classic Wedding Cakes Of All Times!

White Rose

It is not one’s fault if they confuse this for a bouquet. A grand and pretty cake like this is totally different from the regular wedding cakes. It is ornamented with beautiful handcrafted white roses which symbolize purity, unity, and true love for the perfect D-day. New York City cake artist Sylvia Weinstock has adorned the three tiers of cake with this art in a mesmerizing and spectacular way.




Dutch Golden Age

The botanical theme for this cake has done wonders on its appearance. Amy DeGiulio of Sugar Flower Cakes in New York City has used flower-like patterns to embellish this cake. Inspired by hyper-realistic Dutch paintings, the cake architect has recreated the art on this dessert. The custom-made sugar flowers are planted in a bed of chocolate-covered cake, which is positioned in a large gold pot. Any guest would give this cake a double sight, as it looks like a lush floral centerpiece.

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