Merc GLE SUV India Launch on 14 Oct, Set To Replace M-Class

BANGALORE: Mercedes-Benz India Limited (MBIL) will yet again be launching another model for this year 2015. The German manufacturer is keeping up to its promise of launching 15 new cars by end of 2015 as it brings yet other addition of the GLE SUV to the Indian portfolio. The GLE takes the place of M-Class for the line up in India where it follows Mercedes’ latest nomenclature practice of naming the vehicles, reports DNA.

 The latest MBIL’s SUV is said to be available with an option of CDI engines, both having efficiently enhanced variants present in the outgoing models, a lower spec 2.1-litre unit that produces 204PS of power and a highly powerful 3.0-litre V6 that produces 258PS of power.

Although in the foreign markets petrol and hybrid engines are available, in India only the above mentioned two diesel models will be released. In terms of power trains the new GLE’s is anticipated to be the biggest update, which is said to come with -speed automatic gearboxes. In the interior, the GLE’s cabin bares a similarity in the M-Class with effective updates that include upgraded central information console along with a big high definition touch screen and an upgraded steering wheel. On the surface, the GLE gets a fully upgraded  front section which follows  in-line with the newest Mercedes design lingo as well as the prominent LED tail lamps.

Nonetheless, the fundamental dimensions as well as the design lines of the car will remain similar to the outgoing M-Class. The GLE is said to compete with other luxury SUVs such as the Audi Q7, Volvo XC90 and BMW X5. However there has not been any news of the MBIL bring in the GLE Coupe in India anytime soon. The GLE which is the 14th new Mercedes to be brought in to India is going to be launched on 14 October 2015.

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