Kettlebell Kings Acquires Battle Ropes Exercises with Expansion of Current Virtual Training Library

Kettlebell Kings Acquires Battle Ropes Exercises with Expansion of Current Virtual Training Library

Kettlebell Kings recently added Battle Ropes Education to its exercise catalog, as part of its extensive kettlebell equipment and related training. The Battle Ropes virtual training will eventually be housed at Living.Fit, where Kettlebell Kings hosts all of its training and exercise material. Along with this Kettlebell also introduced a new trainer & manager Aaron Guyett to its team to help develop the unique Battle Ropes Certification Program. Guyett is an Equinox Fitness Training Institute Educator, founder of Battle Ropes Education and Leaders of Leaders, in addition to being a Marine Corps Staff Sergeant and Iraq War veteran. He will run both the virtual and in-person training programs related to battle ropes and other modalities of fitness. Many of the tutorial videos subsequently developed will be offered at Kettlebell King's training and community website: Living.Fit

"We are excited to be adding a leader like Aaron Guyett to our team. This marks a big step for our company: entering the digital subscription and certification space, as well as expanding our offering to service customers with new products. We are now able to teach people how to achieve optimal workouts, safely and effectively," said co-founder of Kettlebell Kings, Jay Perkins.

Battle Ropes are widely considered to be an effective upper-body workout tool, but with Guyett's expertise, he will be creating even more versatility and effectiveness with the fitness ropes seen in every gym in America. Battle Ropes can be used to remove strength imbalances while sculpting muscle. The variability will be showcased throughout Living.Fit's expansive exercise and workout program pages. The ropes provide power, strength and aerobic exercises to the entire body. With tutorials on how to best set up and use the battle ropes, it will be easy to work your arms, back, legs, chest and core with a series of exercises grouped into specific categories. Battle ropes come in various lengths and thicknesses depending on the desired workout, with each set requiring specific, developed routines.

The online library of kettlebell and battle ropes training materials located at Living.Fit was originally intended to supplement kettlebell and other equipment sold by Kettlebell Kings. It has since grown into a vibrant community that fosters learning and fitness training. Kettlebell Kings is the only exercise company currently creating such digital content and subscriptions to pair with their equipment.

Founded in August of 2013, Kettlebell Kings sells high quality kettlebells, battle ropes and other exercise equipment as well as producing training programs to match. Kettlebell Kings is noted for its extraordinary customer service as well as being the first to offer a unique "No Shipping Costs" policy on its kettlebells. Regardless of weight or size of the order, Kettlebell Kings never charges a shipping cost to its customers. Kettlebell Kings currently has more five-star reviews than any other kettlebell company on the web and is the official kettlebell provider to the largest lifting organizations in the U.S.: The Orange Kettlebell Club and the American Kettlebell Alliance.

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