Interesting Facts About Your Favourite Cuisine, Pizza

Bangalore: Pizzas are well known for their aromatic fragrance and authentic Italian flavor.  The mouthwatering dish is today one among the most enchanting food savories for people of all ages. This cheesy cuisine is also coated with a long history and several peculiar truths. Read on to know some strange facts about this heavenly dish, as listed in listverse.



The popular and tempting dish has its known unique ingredients which are considered to be extremely filling. But do you know what your favorite dish is made of? A mentioned in listverse, it is said that the tomato paste and pizza sauce contains 30 fly eggs per 100 grams and atleast one maggot per 100 grams. You are also more likely to taste insect fragments, rodent hair and sometimes even mammalian excreta in pizza crusts and toppings.

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