India's Monsoon Destinations

Best Places to Visit in Monsoon in India


During monsoon season, blankets and warm beverages can be your closest buddies, but staying at home, being cozy and watching movies or TV shows is obviously a lame act. In fact, monsoons are a great time to visit India as airfares are much cheaper, places aren’t that crowded and due to the fewer crowds, bargaining when shopping is kind of an easy task. Above all, India is an ideal tourist destination especially for the ‘pluviophiles’, who finds great joy mostly because they welcome rain and value its importance in nature and in life.

During the monsoon season, with the abundance of moisture, the warm surroundings come back to life with the heavy pouring of rain. The green blanket lying over the land is second to none when it comes to serenity. Venture out to the places cited below to know-how the beautiful nature is out there. Before planning a trip to one of these monsoon destinations, make a note of the current weather scenarios and accordingly gear up to have some thrilling time.

  1. Coorg, Karnataka (Scotland of India)

Even though Coorg is an all-year-round place to visit its captivating beauty, but being the most popular hill stations in South India, the best time to visit Coorg is during the monsoons. A land decorated with lush green tea plantations, this town often receives monsoon from June till September. Waterfalls such as Irupu Falls and Chelavara Falls are a treat to watch at Coorg during the monsoon. In addition, during the monsoon season at Coorg, Madikeri Fort and Harangi dam are also some of the top places to visit. Also, trekking at Chelavara Falls and rafting at Barapole River are some of the enthralling activities you can do at Coorg during this time.