Indian cities famous for their festival

Indian cities famous for their festival

Every Indian state celebrates a variety of festivals, but you should travel to these cities if you want to participate in some of the festivals in their most genuine form. Together a list of renowned Indian festival locations that you shouldn't miss.

Independence Day in Wagah Border, Punjab

There is no area on earth that can foster a stronger sense of patriotism than the Wagah border in Punjab, which has produced numerous independence fighters for India. Since 1959, a ritual known as the Wagah Attari has been held every day at the border between India and Pakistan. This festival features numerous activities where attendees can listen to dancing music and patriotic music. Standing at the Wagah border and singing the national anthem is a memorable experience.

Dusshera In Mysore

The festival of Vijayadashami, also known as Dussehra, is observed for one day across the rest of India, but it is observed for ten days in Mysore. Mysore celebrates Dussehra with such a great event that on the final day of the celebration, the grand throne of the court is put in Durbar Hall for public sight. Mysore Palace is also illuminated with one million light bulbs. The goddess Chamundeshwari's idol is worshipped by the Mysore royal family, and afterward, she is paraded through the streets atop an elephant. A torchlight parade, laser shows, a rally of vintage cars, and a shopping festival are also held in Mysore to commemorate this occasion.

Holi in Uttar Pradesh

Everyone loves this celebration of hues very much. In cities, this festival is observed with dance, DJs, and Bhaang in addition to people dousing each other with colour and having water guns and water balloon fights. But if you want to take part in 'Braj Ki Holi' and enjoy this holiday in a special way, go to Barsana in Uttar Pradesh. Holi is performed with flowers in Vrindavan, and you absolutely must experience this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Diwali in Varanasi

While Diwali is grandly observed throughout India, Uttar Pradesh's Dev Deepawali stands out from the rest. After 15 days of Diwali, Varanasi celebrates Dev Deepawali, a time when tens of thousands of worshippers bathe in the Ganga to worship the goddess Ganga. Because it commemorates Lord Shiva's victory over the demon Tripurasor, this celebration is also referred to as Tripotsav. Every devotee who visits Varanasi ghat during these festivals performs the "Deepdaan" rite to pray to the goddess while the stairs are decked with Diyas. You will feel as though stars have fallen from the sky as you gaze at the mesmerising view of the Ganga Aarti ritual that takes place in the evening.

Onam In Kerala

Onam is Kerala's own festival if Kerala is God's own nation. Kerala is the only place to experience Onam in its purest form. During this event, which welcomes the great Mahabali, homes are decked with flowers, and each Keralite prepares an extravagant 13-course banquet. With customary activities like the Kathakali dance, snake boat race, clap dance, and puli kali parade, where performers dress as tigers and hunters, this celebration gets more exciting.

Christmas In Goa

Goa is the finest spot to celebrate Christmas because of its laid-back and festive atmosphere and 400 or so churches there. There is no other destination like Goa to see well-lit alleys around Christmas, whether you attend midnight liturgies, see a stunning fireworks display, enjoy handcrafted chocolate, or attend a Christmas Eve dance party.

Source: IANS