Indian Chefs Win Singapore Cooking Competition

Chennai: Cooking on a charcoal mud stove with two mud pots, two Indian chefs won the gold medal at an International Chef Competition held in Singapore recently.

"We were stumped when asked to cook in the charcoal mud stove. All these years we were cooking on gas and electric stoves and ovens. But it ended well," N. Sheetharaman Prasaad, corporate executive chef of GRT Hotels & Resorts, told reporters.

The competition, Tradition and Innovations, was organised under the auspices of Singapore Tourism Board, Indian Restaurant Association of Singapore and Indian Chef's Culinary Association as part of a 10-day food festival held at Little India, Singapore.

Six teams from five Asian countries - India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia - participated in the contest.

The other Indian chef's team was from Mumbai's Hotel Sahara.

Prasaad and his team-mate U. Ganesh won in preparing a three-course meal with ingredients bought from the local market with 150 Singapore dollars and cooking with at least three out of five given ingredients with charcoal stove and mud pots.

"We were asked to make four portions. The dishes should be of a certain weight. The judges also looked at the wastage while giving the marks," he said.

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Source: IANS