How oiling can make a difference to your hair

hair lossFrom time immemorial, massaging the scalp with oil has proved to be immensely beneficial to the health of ones hair. Each oil brings it's own set of properties and essential benefits and there is no particular preference that one should look at while choosing oils.

Myna Batavia, Founder of Sinfully Myne, suggested a few benefits of oiling and how one can make the process worth applying.

* In summer, hair tends to get very frizzy, dry and lifeless due to exposure to direct sunlight. Excessive heat also damages the hair extensively. While castor oil is known to be extremely soothing to the scalp, it is advisable to include ingredients such as Brahmi and camphor to the oil while massaging the scalp to reap benefits from their cooling properties.

* Hair becomes extremely brittle due to prolonged exposure to heat, sweat and chlorine due to time spent in the swimming pool. To prevent this damage, it's advisable to use a combination of essential oils such as coconut oil, gingelly oil and castor oil along with aloe vera and white hibiscus leaves. The oils act as a sealant and seal the cuticles rendering one's hair shiny and soft.

* The key benefit of the oils is the fatty acids present in them which replace the lost lipids in one's hair. Lipid loss is a major factor in causing split ends. The key to healthy hair is the right way of using the oils. Unless the hair is extremely dense, it is advisable to use a few drops in your palm, rub them together and rake them through your hair. If the hair is coarser, you can increase the quantity slightly. There are differing reports on the duration for keeping the oil on the hair. 

Beauty expert Aakriti Kochar too suggested some benefits of oiling in summer

Oiling your hair in summer creates a shield to protect your hair from Sun damage. Sun damage can result in over drying & dullness in hair texture. 

Oiling strengthens hair from the roots, making it stronger and avoids breakage. This works all year long

Coconut oil is very comfortable in summer since its lightweight. It nourishes your scalp and cleanses dirt and dead cells on the scalp easily on shampooing after oiling.

 Almond oil is also a good hair cleanser and keeps hair healthy and facilitates hair growth as it is rich in Vitamin E.

Olive oil is also a great hair oil for summer because of its property of deep penetration. It seeps into the scalp and provides needed nourishment to hair & scalp from within.

Coconut oil protects your hair against the Sun's UV rays and avoids excessive dryness and burns.

Sweat and excessive oil secretion during summers can lead to oily dandruff in summers leading to dry brittle hair that also breaks easily. Almond oil has Vitamin E and also works again scalp infections caused due to excessive sweating (oil & sweat mix). It is excellent for treating dandruff.

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