Flawless Coat Boutique Introduces K-Beauty Products to Reform Indian Beauty Market

Flawless Coat Boutique Introduces K-Beauty Products to Reform Indian Beauty Market

K Beauty e-commerce startup, Flawless Coat Boutique is introducing the prominent Korean beauty (K-beauty) products. K-Beauty is popularly known for skin-care products that are derived from South Korea. These products gained popularity globally in the recent times, and sets its focus on health, hydration and an emphasis for brightening effects.

Dr. Aditi Sinha Nigam, founder of Flawless Coat Boutique says, “K-beauty has great demands in India, and we want to be the pioneer of this fad where people can buy all kinds of products in just a click. We are witnessing a great response in the first year of our operation.”

Flawless Coat Boutique has been registered as LLP from Mumbai in early 2020. This startup is headed to complete its first anniversary. Established by a single person, Flawless Coat Boutique is now grown to have 5 employees, all women. Dr. Aditi Sinha Nigam, the founder, thinks that women employment is women empowerment and aims to make her venture all women company and plans to give employment to 5000 women by 2025. 

Dr. Aditi Sinha had found this start with her own Seed capital, and dreams to make it Flawless Coat Boutique a global e-commerce platform. Laying the focus on India market expansion, she then aims to venture all the Asian countries in a phased manner. However, presently she is looking for investors to scale up the expansion and increasing headcounts. 

Beauty and skin-care has always been quite a centre thought for the Mumbai girl, and she was always fascinated by the ingredients found in K beauty.  As a medical student she would watch lots of Youtubers and read beauty blogs for the same and that’s when she developed this real passion for K Beauty.

Post her schooling from Bombay Scottish, Mumbai, Dr. Aditi went on for her medical studies and gathered knowledge from D Y Patil university, University of Michigan and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. After getting trained in Ophthalmic surgery, she began practicing in New Delhi, India. Later she turned into an entrepreneur during her pregnancy when she was advised a complete bed rest. It was the love for her passion that made her open flawless coat boutique and ever since then Flawless Coat Boutique is growing day by day.