Embracing self-care for longevity and holistic wellness image

Embracing self-care for longevity and holistic wellness image
Most of us are driven by our personal and professional goals and tie our worth to our productivity. Our passions and interests govern where we devote our energy, but as we jump from one milestone off to the other, we can lose sight of why we are alive. Our ambitious selves tell us that our life's purpose is only to tick-off our goals as quickly as we can. But the journey is just as important as the destination.
The journey of our individual lives are unique and complicated. But amidst all the random chaos of the universe and the daily hustle bustle, when we stop to look at where we really lived, we realize it is the moments we stopped to take care of ourselves and those we love. Our choices will decide if we stand atop the mountain of our life either reveling in the joy of getting there or exhausted and burnt-out to such an extent that we forget to enjoy the view.
So, how do shift the focus on ourselves despite time running by? We engage in self-care! Self-care makes sure that we stop to breathe, to enjoy, and marvel at the ordinary and extraordinary. While the definition of self-care is the same, it looks different for everyone.
For some it's meditating, for others it's a night out with their cherished ones, for some it's indulging in shopping or pampering themselves, for others it is a hobby like dancing or painting. For some it's spending time outdoors being one with nature, for others its cosying up inside and watching Netflix.
If you still think self-care is meaningless (yes, we are looking at you, skeptics!), we promise you can unlock these guaranteed benefits of practicing self-care with time as less as 15 minutes in a day.
Increases self-awareness
When we're checking in with ourselves, we can make sure that our lives and our actions are aligned with our goals. We also get to make sure how our goals make us feel, and pivot in the direction our heart and mind tells us to move, if necessary.
When we take enough time for ourselves, we are able to see everything for what it is in the moment and make better decisions. Ask any action hero, it's priceless.
Makes you a better professional
While to be human is to be vulnerable, it is impractical and nearly impossible to thrive in a work atmosphere without having control over your emotions. Self-care can help you process your feelings and direct your energy into a better direction. And when your energies are less scattered, you can focus them on work. This makes you more productive, and your work life will thrive.
Improves your relationships
When you know how to prioritise yourself, you set an example and show others exactly how to treat you. You also become more loving to your friends and family and more attentive to their needs. You are more energetic when you take care of yourself, and you become better company for everyone in your presence too.
Makes you feel more fulfilled
Self-care is the difference between guzzling down an entire cake without stopping to relish it and taking a slice but savoring every bite of it. With self-care, you will be able to savor every bit of your life, feel more deeply, and live more fully.
Source: IANS