Dine at These Classy Restaurants Run by Celebs

Bangalore: Apart from our diversity in our culture and creed, Indians have a splendid array of delicacies that one would like to savor. From the khakras and jalebi’s in the north to the lip-smacking masala dosas in the south, you have a couple of them apart from the snacks that you would like to indulge in. Apart from the ones listed above, other cuisines like Italian, Mexican, Continental and Thai food are among our favorites.

When we pamper ourselves with our favorite food, the actors have to keep in shape and the cricketers have to keep fit, for the games that they have to play. Whilst; this is a part of their profession which is unavoidable. But like us they have a personal life too, in which they can choose their lifestyle. Therefore, let’s have a glance of celebs who have started restaurants as a passion and are known for it in India.

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