Creativity Encourages Hope

Creativity Encourages Hope

We are all born creative, but as we go through life, we learn to suppress it, especially in hard times. The global Stir Creativity platform by Bombay Sapphire was launched with the aim of inspiring and reigniting creative self-expression. The brand believes that creativity fosters positivity, this came to life during the second lockdown when people started sharing their creativity as a source of inspiration and hope.

Sometimes, even the smallest acts of creativity evoke optimism, and further inspire others to tap into their creative selves. Many turned to various forms of creativity, be it sketching, creating music, or just trying out a new recipe; it is what kept most of us going during our isolation. Creativity doesn't need a traditional canvas; it can be found in any form and with Stir Hope, the aim for this creative self-expression was to ignite hope for a better tomorrow in everyone.

While creativity comes in many forms, it also plays a number of different roles in people's lives-to uplift spirits, to bring a sense of joy or purpose, or even to bring peace. Wit Stir creativity, it also stirs a feeling of connectivity in each of us. The narrative for Stir Hope was built by recognising the power that creativity can hold and tapping into visionary creators to share their personal stories of how indulging in their creativity helped them retain a sense of hope during a difficult time.

The Stir Hope campaign is aimed at inspiring others to share their own creative expressions and feel more connected despite being socially distanced. The creators who bring their personal stories to life are independent thinkers who used their creative expression to stay hopeful and optimistic during the lockdown. Each storey narrates the vital role creativity plays in their lives, inspiring others to explore and unlock their own creative potential. The masterpieces exhibited by the creators ranged from music (as it soothes the mind and soul), food (as it provides comfort), design (which helps relieve stress and anxiety), and mixology (which helps elevate the mood and inspires creative experimentation).

One didn't just see creativity as a way to inspire hope and positivity, but as a sense of community come alive during this time. People with similar interests come together to collaborate or just support one another. At the end of the day, people united to lift each other's spirits during testing times. And just like many out there, this sense of community that had been deeply embedded in our workplace come to life. It kept us hopeful, it kept us creative, and most importantly, it kept us going.

In the last year and a half, things have taken a complete turn. We have moved from our office desks to keeping global businesses running from the comforts of our homes. During this time, mental health was at risk for many. Hence, it was and still is important for businesses to ensure the safety of not just their consumers but also their employees and our society. At Bacardi, employees, their families, and partners were given free access to confidential counseling, an informational service helpline, and an internal emergency helpline to cope with this unpredicted change. It is how important to have a human approach to business and that empathy and emotional support go a long way, not just with employees but also with society and consumers.

Times are changing. Change of any kind is inevitable. Adopting it smartly is also embracing it with empathy. Through the purpose-led Stir Hope campaign, the brand reflected consumers' needs. The goal was not to market or sell, but to empathize, connect, and inspire a sense of hope and positivity. This was an opportunity to share personal stories to inspire collaboration, spread positivity, and most importantly, communicate that there is hope, and that this hope can come from creative self-expression.

While we learn to cope with the new normal, one must remember that creativity has no limit, and it can spark feelings we did not know existed, so don't be afraid to recite a poem, or to paint that white wall in your home, because you never know who you might inspire. And lastly, don't forget to stir up a little bit of hope.

Source: IANS