Continental at the IAA MOBILITY 2023: New Horsepower for the Mobility of the Future

Continental at the IAA MOBILITY 2023: New Horsepower for the Mobility of the Future

“Making future mobility happen, today!” is Continental’s tagline for this year’s IAA MOBILITY in Munich, where the technology company will present its unique portfolio of software-based and sustainable mobility solutions. These range from innovative high-performance computers and solutions for the rapid, cost-efficient implementation of digital mobility, to sustainable vehicle interiors of the future and concept tires for extremely energy-efficient urban driving. “From the road to the cloud: our technology portfolio ranges from premium tires to software solutions, putting us in a unique market position,” said CEO Nikolai Setzer. Pointing to the technologies to be presented at the IAA, he added: “We’re developing the new horsepower for the mobility of the future. Today, four out of every five new cars worldwide are already fitted with hardware and software solutions from Continental – ensuring safety, convenience and sustainability.”

Visitors to the trade fair will be able to experience Continental’s latest solutions firsthand at booth B10 in hall A2. To kick off the fair, a press conference will be held at the Continental booth with Philipp von Hirschheydt, member of the Executive Board and head of the Automotive group sector, on September 4, 2023, from 10:10 to 10:30 a.m. CEST.

The superbrain: intelligent high-performance vehicle computer

As well as advanced hardware, software is becoming increasingly important for the automotive industry. Continental is proactively helping to shape the transition to software-based cars, with around 21,000 software and IT specialists working on new and improved products such as high-performance computers (HPCs). A new addition to Continental’s extensive HPC portfolio is the Smart Cockpit HPC, a preconfigured system combining the instrument cluster, infotainment and advanced driver assistance systems. At the IAA MOBILITY, Continental and a tech-industry partner will be using a demonstration vehicle in hall B2/booth A12 to show how the Smart Cockpit HPC can make the mobility of the future a reality at minimum cost and within a short development time.

Virtual development made easy with Amazon Web Services

With automotive manufacturers bringing new models to market faster and providing customers with regular software updates, we need new approaches to accelerate and broaden the development and testing of automotive software. Until now, most functional and safety problems could only be remedied once the physical electronic control unit (ECU) was available. Fixing problems in later phases sometimes resulted in up to a tenfold increase in development costs.

The solution is the new virtual Electronic Control Unit (vECU) Creator based on Continental Automotive Edge (CAEdge), a platform for hardware and software development launched by Continental and Amazon Web Services (AWS) in 2021. Automotive software developers are already able to use the vECU Creator to decouple hardware and software decision-making, while the virtual simulation of digital functions enables engineers to quickly and continuously improve microcontroller-based ECUs, zone controllers and high-performance computers. Thanks to vECUs, software applications can be 90 percent programmed before they are deployed on the target hardware, greatly increasing the efficiency of product launches. The new vECU Creator thus marks the next step in automotive system development.

Toward an autonomous future

Continental continues to drive forward autonomous driving. It has teamed up with strategic partner and US semiconductor specialist Ambarella. Both technology companies are jointly developing integrated full-stack systems for assisted and automated driving. These scalable multisensor systems operate using AI, including a full software stack comprising modules from both companies, and particularly powerful, energy-efficient AI systems on chip from Ambarella, as well as high-resolution cameras, radar and lidar sensors and associated control units from Continental. Continental recently received the first customer order for the solutions developed jointly with Ambarella as a complete Level 4 fallback system. At the trade show, Continental will provide insights into how the system solutions interact and make mobility more autonomous and safer.

Greater protection for vulnerable road users

The safety of vulnerable road users remains a top priority for Continental. Its main focus is on preventing and protecting against accidents due to driver error when turning, reversing and parking. In Germany alone, according to the Federal Statistical Office, such driving maneuvers accounted for over 50,000 accidents involving personal injury last year. At the IAA MOBILITY, Continental will present a compact, easy-to-integrate system solution for dynamic near-field projections based on micro-LED technology. This system will be able to signal when a vehicle changes direction, for example, by projecting dynamic warnings or vehicle dimensions in the vehicle’s immediate surroundings with micro-LEDs.

Safe and sustainable brake systems

to driving safety in hazardous situations, but they must also enhance vehicle efficiency. In other words, they must help to reduce CO2 emissions and particle emissions (in the case of friction brakes). At the IAA MOBILITY, Continental will present its roadmap for future brake systems that increase safety and sustainability in equal measure.

One example is a semi-dry brake system, which uses “dry” electromechanical brakes on the rear axle that do not require brake fluid. The advantage for automotive manufacturers is that there is no need to fill and bleed the brake system during production. What is more, this system means a lot less brake fluid will need to be used and therefore disposed of – many millions of liters in fact.

SPACE D design concept for wellness in the vehicle

The trend of cocooning emphasizes the importance of our homes as places of retreat, safety and comfort, with a big part of this being sustainable and convenient solutions. Wellness is set to play a major role in vehicle interiors as well, transforming vehicles into a new space to live in and enjoy. At the exhibition in Munich, Continental will offer a glimpse into the interior space of autonomous mobility with its SPACE D design concept. The “D” in the name “SPACE D” stands for the high design standards of this visionary concept.

Also on show will be the surface materials Benova Eco Protect, which makes a lasting visual impression and is certified with the PETA label for vegan products, Acella, which is especially sustainable thanks to its bio-based raw materials and recycled content, as well as being highly customizable, and Xpreshn Hylite Concept, a translucent surface material that allows for new designs and functions. With their sustainability, attractive and natural design and versatile technology, these surfaces take comfort and driving to a whole new level.

Enhanced sustainability on the road thanks to Continental tires

Continental’s exceptional materials expertise is reflected in its sustainable tire innovations. The company will unveil a new concept tire to the public for the first time at the IAA MOBILITY. Its focus particularly on energy-efficient urban driving.

The new UltraContact NXT shows how quickly sustainable products at Continental are going into production and onto the road. Continental first presented the most sustainable production tire in the industry at its TechShow this summer. Comprising up to 65 percent renewable, recycled and mass balance-certified materials, the UltraContact NXT combines a high share of sustainable materials with maximum safety. Production of the tire started in July, and 19 sizes in total will be available at tire dealers all over Europe. They all have the highest possible rating (“A”) of the EU tire label in the categories of rolling resistance, wet braking and exterior noise.

Press conference on Monday, September 4, 2023, at the Continental exhibition stand

The Continental press conference will take place on September 4 from 10:10 to 10:30 a.m. CEST (hall A2, booth B10). Under the tagline “Making future mobility happen, today!”, Philipp von Hirschheydt will present Continental’s IAA highlights. Due to time constraints, there will not be an official Q&A session. The press conference will be held in English and will be streamed live on Continental’s press portal.

Click here for the live stream of the press conference on September 4

Continental CEO Nikolai Setzer to deliver keynote on VDA stage in hall A1

On September 6, Continental CEO Nikolai Setzer will give a brief presentation from 10:30 to 10:45 a.m. CEST as part of the IAA conference on the stage of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) in hall A1. The title will be “Driving future mobility: from the road to the cloud.” The presentation will be held in English.

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