Best Foods to Enjoy In the Rains

BANGALORE: On a rainy, thundering day along with the soothing sound of falling raindrops and the energizing aroma of freshness making you relaxed with a happy soul. To make the moment more delightful, if you are accompanied with some desi food prepared at home, you will enjoy the fullest on a rainy day. The list of the delicious food is endless with varying preferences; here are the five yummy mouth-watering delicacies to be enjoyed along with rain.

#1 Corn: The yummy golden food. Known for its health benefits, can be seen around in abundance during the rainy season. A baked corn, sprinkled with lime juice and chili powder is just perfect to soothe your senses on a chilly day under the spell of rains. Be it on the terrace, balcony, sea shore or just strolling on the streets; corns can be enjoyed anywhere with bliss.

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