A city-wise guide to their favorite scoop of ice-cream

A city-wise guide to their favorite scoop of ice-cream

Ice cream is a dessert we turn to when we celebrate, right from recognizing the little achievements to celebrating big triumphs and everything in between. While traveling across cities, be it for education, work, vacationing, or a destination wedding, etc., a scoop of immersive ice cream native to the city is what we vibe over with our loved ones. Each city hence has memories deeply woven in our minds. Here's a list of the best ice creams you will find particular to a city.

Naturally Crafted Nalen Gur Ice Cream by Pabrai, Kolkata: A power pack of nutrients, this naturally sweetened mild-flavour ice cream was first discovered by Pabrai. Found in Bengal's date palm (khajur) trees, Nalen Gur is made after harvesting the tree's sap during the winter. The liquid is rich in several vital nutrients, including magnesium, potassium, and iron to help you manage a healthy diet. The creamy texture and mild sweetness that keeps lingering on your tongue for some time are what makes it truly unique and to be found at Pabrai's ice-cream parlors in Kolkata.

Molly Moo's waffle cookie sundae, Jaipur: Apart from the iconic City Mahal, there's one more venue that awaits you to fulfill your quest for ice-creams. Known for its playful wit around ice creams, Molly Moo is a popular hang-out place for people of all ages, thanks to its immersive decor and furnishings. One must have their signature Waffle Cookie Sundae which is an unordinary, lip-smacking creation with large scoops of ice cream containing cookie chunks housed neatly on a freshly-made waffle bed. Their vegetarian and vegan creations like ice-cream tacos and masala chai-flavored ice cream are truly innovative too.

Kawaii's Mochi Ice Cream, Bengaluru: If you are an Anime fanatic, you have got a good reason already to try the popular Japanese Kawaii Mochi ice cream. Offering 13 flavors, this ice-cream parlor in HSR, Bengaluru offers a pretty Asian ambiance, Japanese particularly, with pastel pink and white colored furnishings and walls. The experimental flavors include Milk Tea, Matcha, red bean, and lime, among others, and are made in a unique way wherein these flavors are enveloped neatly in jelly-like casings made using Japonica sweet rice dough.

Tender Coconut by Natural's Ice-Cream, Mumbai: One of the highest in demand, this ice cream screams tropical feels. A smooth, creamy creation with little granules of the freshly crushed, delicate flesh of tender coconut makes it a heavenly ice cream to relish especially during winters and summers. Visit any Natural Ice-Cream parlor in Mumbai to taste this beautiful flavor of ice cream.

Nutella Nut by Creme Borne, Delhi: If you have an acquired taste for Nutella with a charcoal undertone, a scoop of Nutella Nut at Creme Borne in Delhi is what you must sink your teeth in. The cone is lined with a good amount of Nutella and is coated with chopped hazelnuts for extra crunch when you bite into the cone. The scoop of Nutella ice cream is creamy and smooth, just as you would like it to be. Visit Creme Borne in CP, New Delhi to try this Nutella-rich ice cream.

Jamun by Cream Stone, Pune: Bringing back the good old days from childhood when you used to pluck the juicy, tangy Jamuns from the neighborhood, the Kala Jamun flavored ice cream from Cream Stone will transfer you to those age-old days instantaneously. Made using freshly ground Jamun, the ice cream is smooth with little pieces of Jamun added to it for that little tangy zing in every bite. Found across all the six outlets of Cream Stone in Pune, one must also visit this USA's luxury ice cream brand's wide range of smoothies, shakes, ice creams, frozen yogurts, ice cream sandwiches, and cakes.

Source: IANS