Top 5 Street Shopping Destinations in India

Sarojini Nagar (Delhi)

Popularly known as SN among Delhities, this shopping paradise is the ultimate place for you to shop for when you’re at the capital. The collection here is enormous and you’ll get to choose from different range of products. With ease, you can find cosmetics, home furnishing, sweaters, footwear, bags, accessories, clothes and more. But everyone can get their hands on the desired items as they don’t tear up your pocket as you’d have imagined. Located in the classy area of South Delhi, SN has huge rush of buyers in weekends as it gets tough as evening progresses. With proper bargaining skills, you can bring home some of the good artefacts at reasonable rates.

Trivia: The Nagar was named after the Freedom Fighter, Sarojini Naidu.

Arpora Market (Goa)

Located in the fenced area between Arpora and Anjana City Resorts, the night bazaar highlights the exotic culture of Goa and if you think that nightlife is the only thing in Goa, think again as this sensational market is one of the most happening night places in Goa. Decorated with wonderful lights and music sets across the place, this market can get you everything you need from jewelry to handicrafts, home decors, apparels, bags, foot wears and even beer. The market also conducts live music, culinary feasts and more to make it even attractive for the travelers.

Trivia: Market Consists of three fields; Lower (clothes, accessories, footwears and more), Central (for delicious food and drinks) and Upper (popular kiosks of international designers, local merchants and the Boutique House Bar)