The Compact SUV Faceoff: Vitara Brezza vs NuvoSport

BENGALURU: The Indian auto market has established itself as a SUV hungry market, perhaps due to the axiom widespread in the nation- “the bigger, the better”. But off lately, the market has witnessed an evolved approach of SUV loyalists towards a set of four wheels. A relatively new segment, compact SUVs or sub-4 meter SUVs as jargonauts call it, has been the new talk among car enthusiasts, much of which can be attributed to what compact SUVs offer; capabilities, although limited, of full size SUVs along with drivability and practicality of smaller cars, a welcome approach in present city traffics. Garnering this new trend the buyers are spoilt with the assortment of lineup automakers have to offer.

The market wide speculation as to how the country’s largest automobile maker, Maruti Suzuki intends to field its contenders in the segment has been building up for quite some time. Indeed the maker has arrived a bit late to the party with contenders from other manufacturers having well anchored in the segment. But, sensing the urgency to step in, Maruti Suzuki has launched its Vitara Brezza for the market. While the Brezza is to face a stiff competition trying to grab its own share of the market, the newly launched Mahindra NuvoSport can prove to be its arch rival due to their launch proximity.

If anyone is expecting the Vitara Brezza to be a sibling of Maruti Suzuki’s previous Vitara, he/she will be disappointed, as the new car carries only the name forward, in an all new avatar. This car also marks the first time an Indian, C.V. Raman, Executive Director (Engg) had been charged to spearhead the development of a car. Cosmetically the Brezza acquires a fresh and subtle look which although is not shockingly gorgeous, but will feast the eyes when viewed leisurely. Coming to the NuvoSport, Mahindra has done a pretty good job with the front end, carving an aggressive look that Mahindra is generally known for. However, a walk around the car and the sides and rear will instantly scream “Quanto”, a car that failed to ignite the “wow” factor due to its unappealing proportions.

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