The Best Fuel Efficient Diesel Cars in India

Bangalore: The ever increasing petrol and diesel prices are undoubtedly taking a toll on the auto industry. The auto industry which is already witnessing sluggish sales, the recent hikes in fuel prices is a jolt out of the blue.

Presently, car buyers are more concerned about selecting the best running machine that offers upscale comfort, good looks, and most of all great fuel efficiency. As a result of which increasing number of car buyers in India are opting for diesel cars.

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It is no secret that diesel cars have been and will continue to be the most preferred car variant in India. The factor that works in favor of diesel cars popularity in India is its humble running cost per kilometer. Also with latest innovations in engine technology and other advancements, diesel cars are no longer cumbersome and are as trouble-free and maintenance-free as their petrol counterparts.   

Realizing this potential, carmakers in India have invested in building refined diesel cars which no longer incur huge maintenance bills. Here is a handpicked list of such fuel efficient diesel cars across all the three different segments in India, as listed by on Rediff Business website.

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