New Model To Enhance Vehicle Dependability In India: Study

BANGALORE: According to the latest J D Power Asia Pacific 2015 India Vehicle Dependability Study, the newest models released in India have an enhanced propel for the long-term dependability of the vehicle.  The owners of these launched models have stated that there are far lesser problems in comparison to the existing or older ones, reports ET.

 The eight year old study looks into the problems faced by original owners of 30-to 42-month-old vehicles, the extent of which, they deal with 169 setback signs across nine vehicle categories. This includes driving experience, vehicle exterior, features controls and displays (FCD), audio and entertainment, seats, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) transmission, vehicle interior, engine and transmission. On the whole the constancy is based on the total number of problems per 100 vehicles (PP100), for which the lower score imitates the quality of the higher long-term vehicle.

The overall improvement of vehicle dependability in India has reached a typical 206 problems per 100 vehicles (PP100) in 2015, which is lesser in comparison to 218 PP100 in 2014. The biggest difference in the newly launched models is the vehicle exterior category that has 12 PP100 lesser than the present models. Furthermore  owners affirm lesser issues in the engine and vehicle exterior kind with the engine issues down by 8 PP100 in 2015 as compared to the decrease seen in 2014 by 5 PP100. Other deductions include problems regarding excessive fuel consumption (EFC) for petrol as well as diesel cars.

EFC issues by 8.6 PP100 in 2014 reduced to 5.5 PP100 in 2015, which adds to the enhancement in the  engine category.

Executive Director at J D Power Asia Pacific, Singapore, Mohit Arora said, “Additionally, with improved engine technologies that provide better fuel efficiencies, car owners are reporting fewer engine-related problems."

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