Mitsubishi Scandal to Outrage Customers over Unrealistic Goals

BENGALURU: The Japanese automobile giant, Mitsubishi Motors has recently witnessed allegation over setting up unrealistic goals by making falsified promises. In order to investigate into the matters, Mitsubishi has appointed a group of lawyers to identify the soul reason behind the scandal. The investigation included conducting interviews with more than 150 buyers.

 The investigation identified that the automaker has systematically falsified mileage on its eK wagon and ek space minicars that are also produced for Nissan Motor. In addition, the probe went on to be falsified for more than 25 years with wrongdoing being systematic and extensive with the company lacking a robust team to improve mileage. The panel’s report also states that "There was utterly no consciousness that the company must work as one to make and sell cars”.

Company however blamed employees for their responsibility of not compelling to fix their wrongdoing and departments being concerned with their performances. Looking back into the early 2000s, the Motors had even witnessed an auto defects scandal over default covering up of brake failures, faulty clutches and fuel tanks. Even after struggling to come back to its reputed status, the government acknowledges that Mitsubishi has earlier overstated by promising up to 16 percent mileage on its vehicles.

Lately, the tension in the problem occurred when Nissan acquired 34 percent stake with the company. The acquisition projected a clear cut idea of the scandal where Nissan sold cars with its own brand; leading to repugnance in data. On the other hand, the product sold overseas witnessed the adequate mileage promising a cash rebate to the customers reporting inflated mileage.

The chairman of Mitsubishi Osamu Masuko has apologized for the inconvenience and stated "We hope this will mark a new beginning for us as a manufacturer”.

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