9 Most Breathtaking And Beautiful Train Stations in The World

BENGALURU: All of us have heard of the world’s best trains but have we heard of the world’s most spectacular railway stations? Bet you have not. Train travel is not only fast and efficient, but also provides ample opportunity to admire some of the world's greatest architecture, according to fodors.com.

sdGrand Central Terminal, New York:

Grand Central Terminal is 102 years old and it looks as gorgeous today as it did in 1913. In the main concourse, a celestial ceiling mural hovers above passengers buying tickets at the antique gold-barred ticket windows. Magnificent gold chandeliers proudly display naked bulbs, showing off the power of electricity, which was still relatively new when Cornelius Vanderbilt had the station built. The enormous station is the world's largest and also has tennis courts upstairs.

sdSt. Pancras International, London:

St. Pancras International station’s immense halls greet people arriving in London from all over the UK, France and Belgium on the Eurostar. The station took 20 years to build and when it was completed in 1868, it was the largest enclosed space in the world. The red brick Gothic facade remains a testament to England’s great Victorian architecture, even surviving the Blitz during WWII. During the war, it was an important escape route and meeting point for the Allied soldiers.

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