9 Cities Famous For Nightlife in India

BANGALORE: It’s a given, everyplace is entitled to its own tune of merriment. With rhythm and beats people from every land enunciate the best part of their nightlife, but does it call for a standing ovation?

We most certainly think not! India is known for its spice, what people fail to realize is that the spice is added to every aspect of our lives, especially in partying. While those hailing from foreign lands can vouch for the ideal nightlife party, India being a diversified nation is simply adaptable to any tune beat or twist on the dance floor.

That being said, Give an Indian a random drum beat and watch him create a tornado of a roar on the dance floor.  And if you don’t believe it, here is the proof.


The nightlife in Bangalore has an exquisite blend of party flavors. Be it Tapanguchi, Hip-hop, Jive, you name it, this city has it!