8 Most Luxury Cars Launched in India in 2015

BANGALORE: For many years, Indian car enthusiasts did not have the liberty of buying expensive sports cars in India, rather meant only importing them to other countries. Recently, big players in auto industry saw the potential in the country and launched their pricey cars into the Indian market. In 2015, only few cars graced the Indian roads and here is the list of those cars, reports NDTV.

Mercedes-Benz S Guard

Price: 8.9 Crores

The S-guard from Mercedes has the similar looks of a S-Class, but comes loaded with some heavy security equipments underneath. The car has an armor resist attacks as much as an army tank.

It is equipped with 3-inch thick windows that can hold up an AK47 fire and has a thick floor panel that can defend against grenade attacks. The protection doesn’t stop here, the S-Guard can withstand gas attacks too with an onboard oxygen system and can pass though flames as it is fitted with a fire extinguishing system also.

The list includes heated or cooled seats which is electrically adjustable in different angles, a touch screen multimedia system, fridge and an independent climate control system.

This Mercedes is powered by a 6-litre, V12 engine that churns out about 530Bhp of Power and weighs nearly 4 tonnes.

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